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Assignments usually account for some percentage of the student’s overall grade. A properly written research paper could potentially boost your performance. Some considerable effort should go into it. In some cases, the topic itself is chosen for the students. However, there are instances when students have the freedom to decide what problem to write about for themselves. The first step in getting a top-notch paper written up is to have the right topic.

Once your topic has been chosen, getting a proper thesis statement should come next. The type of paper you are writing should be in line with your thesis statement. There are three categories in which your research paper could be divided into analytical, expository or argumentative. The thesis serves to guide your writing by giving it a purpose that you aim to achieve with your write up.

The next step is the most challenging: researching the topic you have chosen shepherded by your thesis statement. The sources you get must be credible and relevant to back your thesis. As you create your bibliography, it is wise to use the referencing style required. Plagiarism is a risk at this stage and so always pay keen attention to all the information you include from your sources. Cite them all.

Next, structure your work. This involves outlining. You need to collect and organize all your thoughts for the paper and structure it coherently. You should make sure your ideas flow from one point to another, starting from the introduction to the conclusion. Once you are done with this, make your initial draft. This will be helpful when you are writing your final paper. You may need to do a few revisions on your article at this stage.

The last step, when done right, should improve the quality of the paper you plan to submit. Proofread your work to make sure that there are no grammatical errors or any punctuation mistakes. Edit and format it to make sure that it conforms to the referencing standards of your institution.

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